Government Grants for New Business

Starting or growing a business can be daunting. Timing, strategy, investment, cost versus benefit, prevailing economic conditions. Decisions need to be made, and risks taken. Incentive Advisory can help reduce the risk by assessing your organisation's eligibility for a number of Federal and State Government incentives and assistance, to maximise your funding potential.

Incentive Advisory has more than 27 years of experience facilitating access to Federal and State-based government incentives and grants for businesses in Australia, and we can identify the right funding opportunities to support your growth goals.

Government grants for business are generally targeted at industry sectors and regions where there is a need for support, or an opportunity for competitive or strategic advantage that aligns with the Australian national interest.

Grants and incentives can support job creation, business expansion, capital infrastructure investment, increased productivity and competitiveness, purchase and installation of new plant and equipment, development of export markets and supply chain collaborations, new market access and business network assistance.

Being competitively based, and subject to limits on available funding, grants tend to be offered in rounds. Application periods are normally short. Hitting the mark with your application, standing out from the rest, is critical.

How to apply:

Contact Incentive Advisory today on 1300 462 238, our experts will navigate you through the eligibility and application process.


  • Grants are generally prospective, not retrospective
  • The first step is usually lodging an expression
    of interest (EOI)
  • Letters of support and broader stakeholder
    support is critical