Manufacturing Grants

Australia’s proud manufacturing sector is coming under unprecedented assault. The triple threat of globalisation, volatile commodities pricing and cheap overseas labour clouds the stability of many businesses.

If your business is manufacturing, Incentive Advisory can help you secure tax incentives and government grants to weather those adverse forces and future-proof your business

What Manufacturing funding can I apply for?

There are a number of tax incentives and grants available, both Federal and State-based.


If your company is prepared to develop new or improved products and processes through research and development, invest in new manufacturing technologies to create sustainable jobs, improve productivity and competitiveness, or target new growth opportunities, you may be eligible.

Whereas the R&D Tax Incentive and the EMDG program is non-competitive and relates to retrospective activity and expenditure, many of the grant programs are competitive and relate to prospective projects.

Securing that market niche and building your brand and market share in manufacturing requires a strategic approach to obtain government funding.

As a first step, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this project generate new knowledge that can be applied to create
    new and improved products, processes, services, materials or devices?
  • Is there an export market potential for our products?
  • Through capital investment in new manufacturing facilities and plant and
    equipment how many new manufacturing jobs will this project create?
  • What is the net economic benefit to the region, the economy and the country?
  • Does this project represent value for money and return on investment?
  • Do you have the skills and experience to manage the project?
  • Are you looking for a reimbursement or tax break, or a direct funding injection to
    undertake the project?

How to apply:

Contact Incentive Advisory today on 1300 462 238, our experts will navigate you through the eligibility and application process.