Government Grants for ICT

Accelerated and exponential growth are constants of the Information and Communications Technology sector, and it's not just being driven by the private sector. Significant Federal Government spending to put Australia at the forefront means the pace of evolution won't be slowing any time soon.

Digitisation is already proving a major disruptor as it firstly changes existing technologies and businesses, and secondly triggers new commercial opportunities. The imminent arrival of 5G will transform personal and corporate communications in ways we can't imagine, and further revolutionise the way we consume media and communicate.

Developing an ICT infrastructure that is effective and sustainable, and also flexible to adapt to new technologies and opportunities, is a crucial tool for any business. Incentive Advisory's ICT experts have the industry experience and unrivalled knowledge of tax incentives and ICT funding opportunities to give your next ICT project a better chance of success.

If you're a small business we can help you secure a small business grant or R&D Tax Incentive for your next ICT project. Equally, for larger ICT businesses, talk to Incentive Advisory about business grants, ICT funded projects and the R&D Tax Incentive.

Which grants can I apply for?

There are more than 1,420 grant programs available right now at Local, State and Federal Government levels, with a combined value of more than $41 billion.

How to apply:

Contact Incentive Advisory today on 1300 462 238, our experts will navigate you through the eligibility and application process.


  • R&D Tax Incentive
  • Minimum Viable Product grant (NSW)
  • Innovation Connect (ACT)
  • Entrepreneurs' Programme